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T-shirt: ''Hunger Games''

T-shirt: ''Hunger Games''

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Tee Shirt inspired by " Hunger Games " I volunteer as tribute.

I do everything myself graphics to the cutout then at flocking motifs.

The clothes are all 100% cotton, they are also all certified OEKO-TEX which means they are not harmful to our health.

Regarding the Sizes, you will find S At XL at the women and from S to XXL for men.

Non-contractual photo.

My advice for caring for your T-Shirts:

Regarding of washing clothes, Do not exceed 40°C by machine at the risk of damaging them.

For the ironing, you have to go back to the back of the garment to avoid any damage.

Do not use bleach or other harsh chemical agents!

Under CC-BY-SA License

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